Ten Thousand RUN STRONG

Try a bold new way to race!

The RUN STRONG Division is Ten Thousand’s bold new way to race the Life Time Chicago Spring 10k!

About the Division

As an athlete in the RUN STRONG Division, you’ll be part of an exclusive group of 100 athletes that will take the 10k to the next level by running with Ten Thousand. Registrants have two options to enter this division:

OPTION 1: Race with weight vest.
Athletes can choose to add the weight vest (plates not included) with their registration for the division ($100), or to bring their own weight vest ($50 to enter division).

Recommended Plates:
1) https://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-echo-weight-vest-plates
2) https://www.goruck.com/products/ruck-plates?_pos=1&_sid=fedc3df8b&_ss=r

OPTION 2: Race without weight vest.

  • Athlete enters the division but does not wear a weight vest ($50).


  • Division registration with weight vest included – $100
  • Division registration (weight vest not included) – $50

Sign up for the RUN STRONG Division through the button below!

  • Athletes can join the division during the race registration process. RUN STRONG Division registration does not include an entry to the race.