Environmental Sustainability

Our Commitment to People, Our Communities and Our Planet

At Life Time, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the health and wellness of our members and team members — along with the communities in which we operate.

Current Initiatives


Leftover food that was not used during the event is donated to Chicago area charities, safe houses and school volunteer groups.


It can be chilly before the start of the race and many athletes wear jackets, sweatshirts, and pants to stay warm while waiting for the event to start. We encourage athletes to wear clothing they wish to donate as any clothing that is discarded at the start line is donated to Chicago area charities after the event.


Any leftover medals are donated to local charity groups and organizations. If your group or charity is interested in receiving leftover medals, please contact us.


Through our partnership with North St Bags, we send banners and tent toppers that can no longer be used to the team at NSB to be upcycled into bags. Check them out here.

Future Sustainability Goals

  • Reduce water station supplies
  • Composting available on site

How You Can Help

The event location, Maggie Daley Park, is within close walking distance to many public transit hubs and stops and we encourage athletes to do their part by taking public transit. The Chicago Public Transportation system is the perfect way for athletes and spectators to get to and from the event and around the city sustainably. More information about public transportation in Chicago can be found here.