Spectator Information

If you’re not participating or volunteering, come watch and cheer on thousands of amazing participants as they take on the Life Time Chicago Half Marathon and 10K.

The Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K is one of the largest racing events in Chicago. Just as all athletes should properly prepare for race day, so should spectators. It’s not uncommon for many to show-up to the area where the race takes place without a plan, quickly growing frustrated and overwhelmed.

A few tips to help the Sunday race viewing experience:

  • Know exactly what corral your athlete will be in, and set a meeting point and time to say your goodbyes!
  • Plan your logistics, both into Maggie Daley Park and throughout the course.
  • Public transit, parking garages, cabs and/or Divvy bikes are all great options – assuming you know which roads remain open to the public.
  • Learn your athlete’s estimated time to reach specific parts of the course, especially at spectator-friendly spots.
  • Know what your athlete will be wearing, to easily spot them on the fly.
  • Bring a snack, money for coffee, apply sunscreen and wear comfy shoes!

*No dogs are allowed in Maggie Daley Park. Anyone that brings their dog into the park will be asked to remove their K-9 friend by park security.

Where to Watch

Spectators can gather to cheer on athletes near the start line which is situated on S Columbus Dr. just south of E Monroe St. The entire street will be closed so anywhere along the barricades will work.

*Anyone that is not participating in the race or volunteering will not be permitted into the corrals.

Spectators are allowed to cheer on participants anywhere along Columbus Dr.  without impeding their progress through the course until they turn onto the trail just before Roosevelt Rd.

Additional spots to watch/cheer are:

  • Queens Landing
  • Soldier Field
  • 31st Beach
  • Oakwood Beach

Each spot except for Queens Landing will have parking available.

Spectators that are looking to capture a photo finisher of their favorite participant can gather in the southbound lanes of S. Columbus Dr., along the sidewalk on the east side of Columbus (between Columbus Dr. and Maggie Daley Park).

*Keep in mind, there might be limited space along the SB lanes on Columbus due to our medical team needing that area as well. 

  • Please be respectful of the security and the fence lines. They are there to ensure the safety of the runners.
  • Please do not stand directly at the end of the finish chute.
  • Plan a meeting spot inside the park to congratulate and meet up with runners.

Athlete Tracking

Live Web Tracker – See times and current pace within seconds of a participant crossing each split point. Estimated times will be provided based on current pace.

Live Leaderboard – See who is winning via the Live Leaderboard. Top runners in each category will be displayed in real-time as they lead the way through the course.

Live Map Tracking – Participant locations will be plotted on the Interactive Course Map as progress is made on course. The position of each participant is estimated based on the most recent timing received from the bib read. Note: Participants do not need to carry their phones for this feature to work.

Mobile App – Features include Live Participant Tracking, Push Notifications, Leaderboards, Map Tracking, Event Messages, Event Info and more. Click here to download the app.

Please note: times posted during the event are Unofficial. Official results are posted upon completion of the event.