Charity Program


Welcome to the 2024 Life Time Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K Charity Program. For over a decade, the Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K has partnered with charities that support a wide range of causes that focus on improving healthcare, youth development, social services, and much more! Keep the tradition going and become a charity partner with us today by completing the Charity Program Application via the link below. We look forward to seeing you all on May 19, 2024.

In addition to the lives you will positively impact through your fundraising efforts, your group will also receive race perks to make your experience that much better! The first perk you and your athletes will receive is a discount of $10 off of your registration. After that, as your charity team grows, you will earn additional perks such as your own finish fest space and tent, comped codes for coaches or athletes, and VIP access.

*Please see the below chart for more details.

Partnership Levels

Below are the different levels of charity partnership, each based on the number of athletes participating under your charity. Final roster counts to earn race accommodations will be made on April 12, 2024, or when the race reaches capacity, whichever happens first.

*If your group will have less than 10 registered athletes, we will still recognize your charity’s partnership on our website.

**You can still accumulate participants past the April 12 deadline. Your registration code is valid until May 18, 2024 or when the race reaches capacity.

When your charity accumulates 10 or more participants, you will receive a complimentary Finish Fest space with tent to act as your hangout destination post-race.

*If you plan on providing your own tent, please communicate this with the event’s program manager.

**All tents will come with 1-6′ table and 2 chairs. If you require additional equipment or would like to alter the base offering, please reach out to the event’s program manager with your request. 

For every 25 participants that register under your charity, you will earn 1 fully comped discount code. This code can be distributed to anyone of your choosing (i.e. coaches, non-registered athletes, charity staff, etc.) Talk about an awesome perk!!

The amount of complimentary VIP tickets your group earns is determined by the final roster count made on APRIL 26, 2024. (I.e. if your charity accumulates 45 participants, you will receive 1 VIP pass. However, if you’re able to recruit 5 more participants, you will receive 2 VIP passes.)

These tickets can be provided to anyone affiliated with your group (i.e. staff member, coach, top fundraiser, etc.) – In the past, charities have also used these tickets as a fundraising incentive prize or a raffle prize at a fundraising event.

If your charity requires additional equipment at the finish fest, please reach out to the program manager for more details.


The success of each race depends on thousands of volunteers. In this charity program, each charity partner is required to provide one (1) race weekend volunteer for every 10 charity participants at the event.  

We look forward to a successful 2024 event with you! If you have any questions, please reach out to Jeremy Weitzman at