Prepare With Athletico

Remaining healthy is the most important aspect of ensuring a healthy race. As the Official Provider of Physical Therapy for the Life Time Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K, Athletico is happy to provide the following dynamic warmup exercises to help loosen your muscles in preparation for crossing the finish line on race day.

For additional dynamic warmup exercises you can visit their YouTube page.

Recover with Athletico

Athletico staff will be on-site at the Life Time Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K Post-Race Party to offer post-race stretching to all runners. Look for the blue Athletico tents and allow one of their experienced endurance specialists to jump start the recovery process by stretching tight muscles to keep you loose and help prevent injury.

Stay Healthy With Athletico

If you experience any aches or pains throughout your training or after your race, Athletico will be happy to see you for a free assessment. Click here to request your online or in-clinic free assessment at any of our 525+ locations.