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Due to current events, we have the opportunity to reframe and adjust our Healthy Way of Life strategy to stay on track and reach our fitness goals. This is the time to be creative and resourceful, to get outside and try something new. Throughout the coming weeks we will discuss key topics from Life Time Experts, Event Partners, and Race Leaders on how we can stay focused on your fitness goals together.

Paul Kriegler, Life Time’s Nutrition Program Manager, digs into the topic of immunity, and how you can practically take care of yourself while prepping for your race. This guide is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the actionable health choices and patterns that research has shown to support a healthy, resilient immune system.

It’s a helpful resource, but it’s not a replacement for actual medical diagnosis, treatment, or advice. For that, you should visit your medical provider(s). Additionally, due to current events please continue to follow CDC recommendations.

Guide To Supporting Your Immune System
The human body is an incredible specimen. Given proper nourishment, healthy amounts of physical strain, and adequate conditions to recover and adapt, it becomes resilient enough to withstand incredible mental or physical stress.
1. Nutrition and Supplementation
2. Exercise and Movement
3. LifestyleEach of these categories is important for immune health, but it’s difficult to argue any single category is more or less critical than the others. They’re all intertwined in such a complex way that even modern science struggles to tease out what’s actually happening with acute and long-term immune function when certain interventions are implemented. To learn more about these three pillars that influence immunity follow the link below.

I’m a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and USA Track and Field Coach. Since 2008, I’ve been part of Life Time’s program and product development team, mostly focused on dietary supplements. I’m an avid runner, triathlete, yogi and downhill skier. In my free time I love to cook delicious food for friends and family.

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Program Development Manager
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