Good evening athletes!

As runners, we have to be ready for almost every kind of weather situation and on Sunday our 2017 Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K holds the possibility of throwing a few different weather experiences your way. As of this evening, we are currently GREEN on our Emergency Alert System. Nevertheless, even though we have our fingers crossed that it will be a sunny and dry morning, it might not work out that way. We wanted to remind you about a few things you can do to prep for a rainy half marathon or 10k race.

A bit of wind, rain, sun, clouds … basically the usual unpredictable weather of Chicago! Expect the unexpected, plan for the worst, and hope for the best! As they say in show business… The race must go on!

10 Tips for Running in the Rain

  1. Stay away from the water as much as possible before the race. Do your best to get to the race on time, but find as much cover as possible until the final race calls to get into the corrals. Bring an umbrella and then toss it to a friend or relative not running right before jumping into the corrals. Stay dry as long as you can, but don’t forget to do some dynamic warm-ups before you start on your run!  Maybe a trash bag or inexpensive and fashionable “poncho” will do the trick to keep you dry. Keep those shoes out of puddles as much as you can too.
  2. Dress in layers if it’s cold, but be sure not to overdress. It’s important that you wear SMART layers. Wear enough to keep you comfortable throughout the race, but make sure you don’t get too hot as the run goes on. Wearing a wind shell made of a waterproof material as your top layer can be a great way to keep your core temperature up and hold in your body heat. This tip will be HUGE to consider if it’s raining or cold outside. Say no to cotton- it is not rain friendly and will bog you down.
  3. Make yourself visible. Those “extra” neon clothes that you have been dying to wear might just come in handy after all. When it rains, it gets darker, making it harder for others to see you. Making sure you are always visible to fellow runners as well as bystanders to ensure your safety during the run is essential. Plus, when else are you going to get to wear those neon leggings?
  4. Reduce your chances of chafing excessively. Use bodyglide or petroleum jelly when you’re dry. It’s a good idea to put it on in the car before you head to the Start line. Think about where you may have body parts rub against fabric or even against itself. If you decide to go with shorts, it might be a smart idea to throw on some compression shorts underneath to prevent the chaffing! Some places to consider: above the heel, toes, under arms, between thighs… we think you get the picture.
  5. Cover that head. One of the most annoying and distracting things is water dripping across your face for the entirety of the run. We would hate for you to miss the view of the beautiful city of Chicago during the race! Keeping the water out of your eyes using a light runner’s cap or a visor will help you focus on the ground and the course ahead of you so you don’t stumble on anything or anyone.
  6. Get a grip! If the bottom of your shoes has a smooth, flat surface, you risk the chance of slipping while running. Having grooves in the soles of your shoes is a huge factor that can help you run faster, better, and safer. This will allow you to get a better overall grip on the road you are running.
  7. Glasses might not help you see. If you wear glasses, be sure to bring your windshield wipers. Just kidding, but be ready for them to fog up because of the rain. So, either wear your contacts or have something dry in your shorts (maybe inside of a plastic bag) to dry your glasses from time to time.
  8. Protect those electronics! We know you want to take those selfies, but don’t forget to put that phone in a waterproof case or a Ziploc bag to make sure you can snap that shot after crossing the line wearing your beautiful finisher’s medal. After all, a damaged smart phone can make for a long rest of your run.
  9. Hydrate during the run. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean the water is getting in your body. So, make sure you are using the aid stations we have out there accordingly. We have Gatorade Endurance and water at each of the aid stations along the way. Say hi and thank you to the volunteers out there braving the same conditions you are too.
  10. Check in some clothes into gear check. Make sure you pack some extra clothes to change into after the race. We want you to hang out at Maggie Daley Park for the Spring Market Finish Festival after you’re finished!


Emergency Alert System

This race will utilize the EAS (Emergency Alert System), encompassing a color-coded system to reveal live race conditions. Participants will notice flags posted throughout the race venue, at the finish line and at each aid station on race day. In addition, EAS updates will be communicated through PA announcements, social media and web posts and/or dedicated emails.


From all of us at Life Time Athletic Events, we want to wish you all a safe and wonderful event tomorrow!  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed producing for it. Take in the sights and smile for the cameras; see you all in the morning!